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Fitness really change a person. When i was 18, i started slowly working out a few days in the month. I was shy and full of fear due my lack of knowledge. I have always been into sports. I played basketball for 7 years, had a horse in 7 years and have always been active. But the gym? It was something else. I loved it! I have not stopped loving it. It has built me up in so many ways, not just my body.

I’ve tried a lot of different studies in school over the years but never kind of found something i was really burning for. Until last year. Now i’m studying bachelor in peoples health at HVL in Bergen. And hoping to be a certified trainer next year. I love training, health and nutrition. It’s so fun seeing how a changed lifestyle can influence your future self.

I hope you want to follow my journey. I will post about nutrition, workoutvideos, workouttips and so on! i will keep you guys updatet here and on my instagram account @miiafau.

If you have any questions you can send me an email: