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Hi, guys! First of all, so happy you checked out my site!
Many of us want to get  “fit”. There are many forms of fit. Some just wants to get more in shape, some wants to get very strong and some of us wants to be slim, etc. I will show you that you can live a good and healthy life, be proud of your body, have a balance in life and get a better mental and physical health, without turning your life upside down. Just by fun and good exercises and a healthier diet, whitch is good for your body.

Working out gives you a profit. I have learned so much about myself when it comes to fitness. When I saw progress, I got sold. My life is completely changed for the better and now I finally have the right mindset, goals and values. That for me, is really important, and i want the same for you guys! I will show you my everyday life, food recipes, tips and workouts! I want to motivate and inspire others to find their passion. So tune in, and let me inspire and motivate you on your journey!

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INSTAGRAM: @miiafau

Much love from Mia.