Dont overthink it!


Throughout my fitnessjourney, i’ve tried to make the best fitnessplan for me! Do not do someone elses workoutplans and diets, because everyone is different. Some things maybe work for them but not for you and the other way around! Get to know your body, that is my main role. Please, dont starve yourself. Maybe you lose some wheight, but then your body get into panic and savings mode, and your wheight will stay the same. When you start to eat again, your “panic” body will take whatever it gets, and resulting in a bigger body then you had to begin with.

So, eat when you are hungry! Eat healthy. Fruits, veggies, white meat, beans, whole grain products as rice, pasta (so on), sweetpotatoes, brown bread, brown rice is good! Drink lots of lots of water! Make smoothies! Make it fun and dont overthink it, just think healthier😃 I try to eat every 3 hour. So breakfast, then a snackmeal (smoothie, yogurt, banana, brown bread with ham,whatever you like), lunch, dinner, snackmeal and a little meal at the evening. This way, my body always have something to work with and get me that higher metabolism. I workout 5 days a week, maybe even 6. When i first started i went to the gym 2-3 days a week. When the results of my training and good nutrition plan showet of, i wanted to train more (and i did)! These bands i’m showing at the picture is great to workout with. I will show you how i use these on my next post!😃👏🏼

Have a Nice friday😘

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